Business Premium

End-to-end encryption with AES256 - the only secure way for your data. Data in Switzerland.

Encrypted data synchronization and online collaboration for small and medium-sized businesses. You will receive an independent virtual server from us with your own encrypted hard drives and your own database. Sync all of your data from one or more computers or servers. Share documents securely with your employees through private sharing. For external partners, you can provide documents via public links with optional password protection and expiry date. So you always have access to the latest documents. As an administrator, you have the option of managing your users, creating groups and adjusting permissions.

  • Own server with personalized installation
  • Licenses can be expanded individually
  • Storage space expandable in 1TB steps
  • Shared drives for efficient work;
  • Central administration for complete control over your data
  • Integration of ADFS and SSO is done by the SpeicherBox
  • You can create sub-organizations and other administrators yourself
  • You can customize the design of the web interface yourself